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      It`s not clean unless it`s 
JP Clean!!

Nothing extends the life and look of your awning like cleaning and fabric guarding!  We can save you money by extending the life of your awning or canopy through regular maintenance. We use only manufacturer approved cleaners and fabric guards.  Your home or business is an investment. Let us help brighten it today.

We would love to come to your property and give you a "FREE ESTIMATE".   Please call or e-mail and we will contact you immediately upon receipt.  Please provide: Your Name, Phone  Number and Address. 

It`s never too late to start protecting your  family and home! 


Spraying  with Fabric  guard 
Every Inch is Cleaned
Mold & Mildew hiding 
     under the Awning
   The Cleaning Process
The valance is removed and cleaned separately.  A manufacture approved chemical is used to remove the Mold and Mildew.  A power washer is used to remove the chemical.  Then a Fabric Guard solution is sprayed on to help maintain and extend the life and look of the Awning.  This is not a sealant.  The entire site is cleaned and all your are left with is a just-like-new Awning.

The Finished Look