Did you ever wonder what that green or black stuff was covering your awning or canopy ? Well it`s MOLD and MILDEW!!  Mold and Mildew are microscopic fungi that feed on organic materials such as plant or animal matter and can grow wherever moisture is present. Thanks to global warming, our ever changing weather  as well as being close to open water, makes Windsor and its surrounding area the perfect breeding ground for Mold and Mildew. DID YOU KNOW?People who are allergic to pollen, dander, dust and dust mites are usually more susceptable to Mold Allergies.  Common symptoms are skin irritations, nasal congestion, eye irritation and wheezing.  Severe allergic reactions to mold may include fever and shortness of breath.  Mold spores spread easily through the air and because of their small size, once inhaled, they can easily reach the lungs.  This is why they can be especially harmful to people with hay fever or asthma.   FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON MOLD AND ITS AFFECTS ON YOUR FAMILY VISIT:

 An Awning Covered in  MOLD & MILDEW !!
 Does this look Familiar ?